Sunday, July 10, 2022

Day Trip to Old San Juan

Took the day off from writing today and headed toward Viejo San Juan to meet up with a friend from Kansas. Our first visitor! 

Well, not exactly. Our friend was coming to PR for a conference and knew that we'd moved here, so we had lunch together at RaĆ­ces, an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant that serves fantastic mofongo! (pictured here)

Another friend and family is heading to the island in late August, so we'll have fun making another day trip to catch up. When we finally move into our condo, we expect friends to come visit us, not just Puerto Rico! lol

Before meeting up for lunch, Julie and I went to an English speaking church called Arise! They have two services, the first in English and the second in Spanish, but they often do ministry and socials together as a combined congregation.

While renting our house in Orocovis, we've been attending Primera Iglesia Bautista and we have wonderful friends there. But at this point in my Spanish language journey, I can only catch about ten percent of what's going on, and that's mainly because of context! Still, I'm committed to learning Spanish, but it may be nice, once we move, to attend that dual language church in Dorado (about 25 minutes from where we'll be in Vega Baja).

So after church and after lunch with a friend, we walked around Old San Juan a bit. We've been there a number of times and there's a lot to see. Strolling the streets is always a delight. 

We love walking in and out of stores (because they have air conditioning!) and seeing what's for sale. Though we don't need any more touristy stuff now that we are residents.

Plus, there are beautiful old buildings that you just want to buy and renovate and turn into a 5 Star Hotel. Well, if I had a few million dollars, maybe that's what I'd do! Here's one with a tree growing up on the inside. Anyone want to lend me some money? (grin)

Since this is our 5th time on the island (we've been here a month now), we have a pretty good handle on what to see if you come visit. Although there is always more for us to explore as well. Give us a call if you are heading our way and we'll meet up or if you stay at our condo, we'll go exploring together.

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