Sunday, September 04, 2022

Recap and Review of Sword of Otrim

Pretty good recap and book review of my heroic fantasy novel (not quite epic fantasy like my cover boasts as it's only about 250 pages, lol), The Sword of Otrim (affiliate link) at Castalia House blog

A little sorcery as well (a few dreams and predictions) but probably not full blown sword and sorcery either. Who knows what genre I write in? Plus my hero Otrim is darker skinned than this guy! 😉 

As for what's next. Well, I just finished a prequel short story to explore Otrim's background. And I have a second book partially outlined! #amwritingfantasy (while I'm writing cozy mysteries! lol) Too many interests not enough time! If you want a signed paperback for $13, let me know!


  1. Your book sounds interesting and that's an eye catching cover.

    1. Thank you. I didn't get to Sunday Roundup or Monday Books this week. Just too much to do! Thanks for stopping by.


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