Monday, October 24, 2005

Blast from the Past: Backblog Nov 2000


For the Body Politic
"The hypocrite sets his watch, not by the sun, the Word I mean, but by the town clock; what most do, that he will do; vox populi is his vox Dei." ~ William Gurnall, 1665


Attention Choral Directors: Premier an Anthem
Here's an interesting concept. Be the first to perform one of this composer's choral anthems and win prizes. Check out Gladde Music Publications for the scoop. Tell the composer I sent ya.

gray matter input
  • Reaching for the Invisible God, by Philip Yancey
  • In the Face of God, by Michael Horton
  • Gleanings from William Gurnall, a 17th Century Puritan
  • Earth is Room Enough, short stories by Isaac Asimov
  • The Sackett Series, by Louis L'Amour

    Currently Spinning:
  • Jennifer Knapp's lay it down
  • Asia (that's 1982 baby!)
  • Craig Curry's curry and salsa
  • Newsboys' lovelibertydisco
  • GreenChoby's Big City


    Huge Vacation
    Long Flight. Cebu Philippines. New Friends. Tropical Resort. Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling Fun. Totally Relaxing. Longish Flight. Sydney Olympics. Old Friends. Great Weather. Exciting Events. Good Food. Bridge Climb. Site Seeing. Sad Goodbyes. Longer Flight. Back Home.

    1. How ironic is this? While you're "currently" (circa 2000) listening to Jennifer Knapp's Lay it Down, I am currently (as in right now) listening to the same. :-)

    2. Great album...original sound. From Kansas! :-) lgp

    3. Yes! Her "Kansas" album is one of my favorites. :-)


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