Monday, October 24, 2005

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Ripping Today's Headlines

Average U.S. Gas Prices Drop 25 Cents
Average U.S. Gas Tax Jumps 25 Cents

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter)
AOL, Disney bring 'Narnia' online
Collude to ruin another classic

The Associated Press
Down-To-The-Wire Wins Across the NFL
Rash of bookies admitted to Las Vegas hospitals

Cingular Introduces E-Mail Access on Cells
Nanotechnology also connects XM & Sirius direct to eardrum

United Pilot Suspended Over Alcohol Smell
Accused of wearing 20 year old Aqua Velva

Now You Try It
SYDNEY (Reuters)
Dead man gets parking ticket
  • Dane Bramage offers: Democrats rush to register driver to vote November 8th

  • Gwynne: Friend notes at least it wasn't a moving violation

  • My line: Must pay death tax as well

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  • More Headline Silliness
  • Dane Bramage (remember, Dane's a professional ;-)

  • Basil's Blog (Basil thinks that he's so smart ;-)

    Dane Bramage said...

    Democrats rush to register driver to vote November 8th.

    Gwynne said...

    I was going to say something about it not being a moving violation, but I can't beat Dane's slam on the Democrats. :-)

    Lyn said...

    My comment would be (keeping the political theme) ...

    "Democrats: Should pay death tax as well."

    Dane Bramage said...

    Remember gwynne, I am a professional