Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday+ Open Linkfest

Lost in Translation...

Adding sites throughout the weekend...
Create a link with Blogger (below) and point us to something interesting.

Thanks! And please, do not spit too loud.


  1. Poca Dot Linked:

    Cannot do trackback :(

  2. Duh. I feel so clueless, lol...I can't figure out how to "create a link". Please post some kind of explanation so I can send you a trackback.

  3. Cao,
    Well, I thought the "create a link" hyperlink just poppped up and you could fill in your link and discription, but it's not working for me right now. Hmmm... Sorry about that. If you can't do trackbacks or "create a link" using the blogger thingy, do like you did and leave a comment! :-) I usually try to return the favor and link to your site, like with Poca Dot above - and you too! lgp


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