Sunday, October 30, 2005

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Saturday, September 24, 2005
Football player without legs eligible to play

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) September 20 — Game officials made a mistake when they kept a high school football player who has no legs from playing last week, the Ohio High School Athletic Association said.

Bobby Martin, a senior at Colonel White High School in Dayton who was born without legs, was told at halftime of Friday's game at Mount Healthy High School in Cincinnati that he could not finish the game.

The officials said Martin was violating a rule that requires players to wear shoes, thigh pads and knee pads. [emphases added]

Well, at least he seems to have a great attitude about all the publicity. When
asked to appear on GMA, CNN, and ESPN he said,
"I wouldn't mind going on Oprah."

[QUESTION: Does anyone have an update regarding this story?]


  1. Thank you for your link to God Beats Evolution.

  2. Update: Bobby Martin and his school appealed the ref'd ruling. He was cleared to play the very next game. The ref's ruling was overturned by the OHSAA;
    The Ohio High School Athletic Association said game officials made a mistake when they kept Martin from playing.
    I understand young Mr. Martin wants to go out for swimming and plans to shorten his name to Bob.


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