Friday, December 16, 2005

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Last Week's Winner: Both from Random Yak (okay, so the Yak was the only entrant; we'll still award him a Bottle of Cheer). Enter this week's caption contest below. You can be a winner, even if you're the only participant!

CHICAGO (Reuters)
Consumers cheer up for holiday season
  • Detergent company claims "still best for holiday spills"
  • USDA says "Prozac isn't actually a season(ing)"

    San Francisco Renting Christmas Trees
    Residents of Needles to help with clean up

    BOSTON (Reuters)
    Broken-hearted donor leaves diamond ring in car
    Ex-girlfriend said this diamond ain't forever

    Prize Diamond Shows Up in Trash
    Left in car, now the garbage ~ no one wants the dang thing!

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters)
    You've got mail, and maybe gonorrhea
    See? Internet sex spreads viruses

    Ashlee Simpson Collapses After Tokyo Show
    Just can't get lipsinc thing right, has breakdown

    Now It's Your Turn
    Scientists Figure Out Why Mona Lisa Smiles
    Your Witty Caption Here ~ Comment Below

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    Random Yak said...

    Scientists figure out why Mona Lisa Smiles:

    1. She heard about Enzyte, the once-a-day tablet for natural male enhancement...


    2. Report reads, "It's for us to know and you to find out."

    Random Yak said...

    PS: Thanks for the cocktail. What was that crunchy bit at the bottom?


    Lyn said...

    Carman Electra?

    StevenEDavis said...

    Headline caption suggestion -
    "Dan Brown and team infer that Da Vinci was quite the jokester"

    Lyn said...

    Thanks Steven, I'll add you to my Kansas Guild of Bloggers (the KGB). That's a good one about DaVinci, was wondering if someone would play off that inference. lgp

    StevenEDavis said...