Monday, January 02, 2006

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Working Pun Liners

Betsy Ross asked a group of colonists for their opinions of the flag that she had made. It was the first flag poll.

Employees at AAMCO Mufflers complain that it is exhausting work.

When the first marble building was built, everyone took it for granite.

The Janitors Union went on strike demanding sweeping reforms. The Baker's Union, however, wanted more dough.

William Canby is credited with inventing the first computing scales, which proves that where there's a Will, there is a weigh.

Show me a blacksmith who is making hardware for a bathroom, and I'll show you a man who is forging a head.

The inventor of artificial snow originally called his product Snow Fakes.

Thomas Jack, an Englishman, invented the automated packaging machine which revolutionized commercial sales in 1924. He was known as Jack the Wrapper and he made a bundle.

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