Monday, January 02, 2006

Mix & Match ~ 150th Post

Year in Review (Last 3rd):
Sept ~ After a 5 year blog break, I begin again with an profound entry on . . . Green River (?!)
Oct ~ I try my hand at some humor and satire, reviewing a pet waste removal franchise.
Nov ~ Time to step into the political and cultural commentary ring with a mild rant at Prophet Pat.
Dec ~ Reporting the controversy surrounding the Christmas Wars.

KS News, National Spotlight:
Vermeil coaches his last game, vows that he's out of football for good

Recent Search Strings:
federal air arshals ~ not sure what an arshal is but I'm in favor of them.
toga the penguin ~ will the search for the stolen penguin never end?!
brownback ~ Kansas technorati referral, but can't figure what post.

Humorous Headlines:
Storm Moves Into Southern California
Longhorns full of sound and fury; signifying nothing

Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner, Police Say
Laurence Simon revived, but just barely

Rovers Still Exploring Mars After 2 Years
Mrs Rovers still urging him to stop and ask for directions

Toot Toot: (As of Jan 2, '06, 11 pm)
Bloggin' Outloud is humorous cultural commentary from a Christian perspective.
Technorati Rank: 3,000 (1,423 links from 335 sites)
And in the TTLB ~ Current Rank: #430; Current Status: Large Mammal; Link Count: 222; Link Score: 200; Average Daily Visits: 104

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