Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday's Funny Headlines

Unsolicited Comments ~ edition
Captioning Today's Headlines With Just a Little Humor

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Washington Post
Tunnel Found on Mexican Border
Taco Bell executives questioned

Washington Post
A Death Row Blogger's Advice for Life
"Stay off death row."

Washington Post
Duke Is Back In Form
John Wayne to appear in new movie

Washington Post
Record Fine for Data Breach
How could their record be fine after data breach?

Washington Post
Sly Stone's Surprise
Discovers he's really Sly Stallone

Washington Post
Chairman Moved a Nation
Mom: Quit tattling on your brother, Sofaman.

Washington Post
Democrats Split Over Filibuster On Alito
One Dem heard to mutter "I'm outta here."

Washington Post
Report Measures Shortfall in Iraq Goals
Bush Blamed

Washington Post
Deal Would Swap Land for Hotel Site
UN: Oil for food still on the bargaining table

Now It's Your Turn
Washington Post
Episcopalians Weigh Sainthood for Marshall
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