Friday, January 27, 2006

Godly Creative Roundup

No, these two adjectives are not antithetical.

If one truly pursues godliness then creativity is attendant. And the reverse is also true: Authentically creative people are godly - that is, they demonstrate a divine quality that shapes and expands not only their world but the world of those with whom they interact (whether in person or via their medium of expression).

The blessing is bestowed on those creative souls who purposely seek out the source of all godliness. This roundup points out a few who are on that journey.

  • Artis Divina shares in vivid detail that Artists are Missionaries of the Beautiful.
  • Being God's points out that we reflect our surroundings in My House Speaks.
  • Christianity is Jewish has a succinct reflection on Typology of the Taberbacle 2.
  • Everyday Thoughts collects and shares some thoughts in Mercy Rains Down.
  • Hill Country Thoughts reminds us, inspires us, that it's okay to Slow Down.
  • Jay Adkins speaks passionately about The Power of Prayer.
  • Mary Yerkes has A Million Little Questions for James Frey.
  • Natalie Jost discusses Using Newsvine for Personal Advancement.
  • Promptings tells us the story behind one poem's journey.
  • Stacy Harp posts an honest review of End of the Spear.
  • Questions & Answers poses Whatever Happened to Masculinity?
  • Windows to My Soul writes how she is Compelled to Comfort.
  • What GodlyCreativePeople is all about.

    1. I am honored that you included me in your roundup! I wanted to do a trackback to your End of the Spear review and still might. The movie needs all the plugs it can get!
      Thanks. Happy to meet you.

    2. Thanks CWV...trackback any time. Have a great week. lgp

    3. I am also Honored, except, I don't know how or what a trackback is... :-)



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