Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Japanese Dog Fashion Show

You might well imagine the gossip, back-stabbing, and in-fighting that goes on behind the scenes at international beauty pageants. Who would have thought that dogs could be just as petty! Here's what our hidden cameras caught at the Japanese Dog Fashion Show held recently in Tokyo.

Hi. What's your name?
My name is PhuPhu and I was top dog at the . . .

Top dog, my behind. I was Best in Show last week.
So nanny nanny boo boo.

You're both full of PhuPhu.

I'm a Shih-tzu.


Hey, you can't talk to my girl friend that way!

Simmer down, ladies.
Let's put our best foot forward.

That's right.
We must learn to forgive each other.

I will not forgive my owner.
I feel stupid.

You look stupid, grasshopper.

Look who's talking, D'Artagnan.

Oh, I'm getting nervous.
I don't know if we should act like . . .

You can't act, that's your problem.
You don't know sick 'em from squat.

I know how to roll over.
It comes natural.

Natural? You're a wiener dog.
Ain't nothin' natural about wieners.

Now, now. God made each of us special.
We're all beautiful. Let's say it together.

I feel pretty.

We feel pretty.

Very good. Everyone, together.

I know I feel pretty.

Oh, all right. I feel pretty.

I feel sexy.

I still feel stupid.

Text © 2006 Lyn Perry