Friday, January 20, 2006

A Wide Awake Roundup

The Wide AwakesThe Wide Awakes are a diverse group of like-minded individuals who have formed an alliance both to propagate conservative views and values on the internet as well as protect ourselves from the increasingly strident and sometimes nasty and vicious attacks of our political opponents.

Here are some of today's samples...

Always on Watch has an extensive and thought-provoking article on The Caliphate and explains the ramifications of this Islamic restoration movement.

Uncivil Rights is back with a post and much commentary on why Conservatives and Liberals Don't Mix. If you like an extended 'back & forth' this is it.

TMH's Bacon Bits gives an engaging summary of The Barrett Report: Clinton’s Culture of Corruption. Find out more about his embarrassing legacy.

Third World County shares an Edu-rant/Open Post that makes a lot of sense. But only if you can read. Which seems to be an issue today!

Part-Time Pundit opines about 21st Century Conservativism - Guiding Principles and highlights such themes as morality and the role of government.

The Discerning Texan has some Eye Opening Evidence in Timmerman's "Countdown to Crisis" in an extensive review of this compelling book.

Thanks for staying up and paying attention! If you're a Wide Awake and you'd like to link back here with one of your articles, please do so.

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