Saturday, January 21, 2006

Four x 4 Weekend Meme

Been tagged. One of 4 touched by Fourth Third World County. So I'm going to play along and tag four more. But since I'm a rebel, I've narrowed the meme to only 4 catagories. Rules are simple. I'll give my answers. You post your answers. I won't "fource" you, but try it, you'll like it. You can even morph the meme if you want.

Four Jobs You’ve Had
  • Waiter (my dad had a restaurant)
  • Lifeguard (hs, college, seminary)
  • Plumber's Helper (favor from a friend)
  • Pastor of a Church (a calling, not a job)

  • Four Places You’ve Lived
  • Morro Bay, CA (never learned to surf)
  • Brisbane, Australia (Junior in HS, 1981)
  • Wheaton, IL (hated the winters there)
  • Drexel Hill, PA (Philly cheese steaks)

  • Four Vacations You've Taken
  • Toronto (saw Phantom of the Opera)
  • Spain (Barcelona, right after Olympics)
  • Lake Powell (week on a house boat)
  • Philippines (my brother has a resort)

  • Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
  • Chevy Citation (like this one, but named Lionel)
  • Chrysler Minivan (the original ugly model)
  • Pontiac Sunbird (like this but silver, ooh)
  • 2000 Volvo (current ride, yeah baby)

  • And Finally (okay it's a 5th catagory)...
    Four Blogs You Visit & Want to Tag
  • Lisa Renee
  • Random Yak
  • Tidbits & Treasures
  • Pet Campbell
  • And You!

  • (Because I already tapped Beth, Dane, Wayne, Mark, and Jen!)
    (UPDATE 1.22.06 ~ Can this be a "best post" submission for Don Surber's Sunday Roundup, even though I posted it on Saturday? It is my best shot at 4 things! Thanks, Don! Also linked to the Cat and Linkfest Haven)

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