Sunday, February 05, 2006

The "Best So Far" Blog Awards

~ Blog Awards ~

Voting Booths Are Now Closed
The Best So Far, Blog Awards, January 2006

Winners Announced in 6 Categories
1. January's Best Pet Blogs
2. January's Best Political Blogs
3. January's Best LinkFest Blogs
4. January's Best Religious Blogs
5. January's Best Humor Blogs
6. January's Best Personal Blogs
Bonus: The Best Alternative Categories

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Adam's Blog
And Then I Woke Up . . .
Boni Is Not As Skinny...
Gina Cobb
Gribbit's Word the outer...
Liberal Common Sense
Liberty Just In Case
Lingo Slinger
Lone Pony
Mensa Barbie
Ogre's Politics & Views
Oreo (Not the Cookie)
Peakah's Provocations
Publius Rendezvous
Random Yak
Smoke Signals Blog
Striving for Average
Stuck on Stupid
Support Your Local Gunfighter

(Thank you voters. Thank you bloggers. Participants: Feel free to use the appropriate banner to announce your final standing on your blog. Link to Bloggin' Outloud appreciated. See you next time - with new categories - at The Best So Far Awards!)

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  1. Ooh! GK's been nominated! That is wonderful!


    This is GREAT idea:)

  2. Thanks GK...if someone hadn't nominated you, I'd done so myself. You always have funny captions/thoughts! Thanks for participating. lgp

  3. I'm so happy Oreo nominated me! Purrr.... thanks for letting me know Lyn :)

    -Purrs & Sandpaper Kisses

  4. XBIP
    Got the nominations...
    try lyngperry @
    (without white spaces)
    Thanks, lgp

  5. got the banner up and the link!


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