Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Best So Far Controversy

~ Blog Awards ~

Voting is Over, Now for the Controversy!

It's time to come clean. I have to admit, these awards have not been without controversy. It started when someone commented at one of the nominee's blogs about the history and legitimacy of this contest. Well, this contest goes way back. To last weekend. And as for being legit, Bloggin' Outloud is a real blog isn't it? It's as legit as a Bush v Gore victory.

But now my integrity is being questioned! A Mr. David Drake is calling for a recount! Mr. Drake has hired one Mr. Gore to contest the awards on a number of different issues, including confusing ballots, time zone questions, and voter fraud.

Well, that last part is true, there was some voter fraud. I caught quite a few people submitting votes by using a bunch of false email addresses. That'll serve me for trying to do it all by hand. I finally got a ticket for the clue bus and will automate next time. (More about "next time" below.)

Plus, to top it all off, Michelle Malkin totally snubbed the event. Didn't even acknowledge her nomination. Therefore, since I tallied the votes by hand, I decided to snub her back and cut her from the Honorable Mention category - even though she did receive more votes than David Drake. Given that Mr. Drake is taking an adversarial position against Bloggin' Outloud, I will have to rethink my decision against Malkin and possibly unsnub her and instead demand that Mr. Drake return his award. Consider yourself notified, Mr. Drake.

Now. About next time.

I'm talking to interested parties about co-hosting the next round of "Best So Far" Awards. We'll have different categories hosted by different blogs with sub-categories for voting ease. If you want to be an "interested party" (someone I should be talking with) then let me know.

(Note: Interested bloggers should have G or PG type sites. No porn, hate, or anti-God blogs or links accepted. Thank you.)

But for now, please test an online voting poll with me and tell me what categories you'd like to see represented in the next "Best So Far" Awards Contest. Click my poll at DemoChoice (HT Adam), and again, thanks for making this first Blog Awards of 2006 a successful one. lgp

Vote on the next "Best So Far" categories!


  1. I'm guilty! I voted 5 times with my variuos email address'

    But... I's perfectly legal thing to do with contests such as:
    "American Idol".

    And the rules did NOT say we couldn't vote over and over.

    So if yu want I will email you with all the email ddress' I used.

    It was a time cosuming thing to do, but that's just how much I like certain blogs...

    I feel it was a completely legitamate thing to do. I shall refrain from doing so next time if you post a new rule stating we can only vote once.

    Guilty Pebble

    Go Seahawks!!!!

  2. Oh goodness me, those are not typo's!

    My keyboard Gremlins are going crazy today...LOL

    Go Seahawks!!

  3. Go Steelers! LoL - The voting was fine. Just had to have some fun with David Drake. :-) Thanks for participating! lgp

  4. Now a for instance, I know that quite a few people at work voted for me, and it was possible that return email, if automated, would have been caught in a spam filter. So do you know if some of my votes were deemed fraudulent?

  5. Hi Lyn,

    Attorney Gore has advised me that short of involving the Supreme Court...or maybe he meant the group "The Supremes" - I accept the outcome of the vote.

    Thanks for having some fun with the voting "controversy" was all in fun as I know you know!

  6. Dr. Phat Tony,
    I'm good with all the votes. As you know David Drake and I were having some fun with the polling results. But, yeah, I got duplicates for almost all the top blogs - I think it all worked out. Hopefully, everyone took it in the spirit it was intended and got some extra traffic and links. I know I came across a lot of new bloggers (including you) that I'll be putting on my New Discoveries blogroll. So keep up the good work and at the next awards contest remember to vote early and often. :-) Lyn

  7. I think some of my voters were disenfranchised.


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