Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Kansas Guild of Bloggers Roundup #5

Welcome to the KGB! The Kansas Guild of Bloggers roundup highlights noteworthy OZ Blogs & News. If you're a KS blogger, feel free to submit a link via Blog Carnival or Ferdy's Carnival Submit Form.

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ALSO, consider hosting an upcoming KS News & KGB Roundup as I'm now on hiatus from blogging. I'll help out if you need it, so email me at lyngperry (at) yahoo (dot) com if interested. I can at least post the schedule here.

Now, On With The Show...

  • Lady Gunn presents, You're In Kansas Now, where it's only a local call to God.

  • Steven, at A Heart Beat Away, has a decision he doesn't want to make.

  • Phil wrestles with The Mystery & Agony of Human Freedom at Another Man's Meat.

  • Jeremy at The Phog Blog is excited about the Jayhawks. So what else is new?

  • Bruce of It Seems to Me... has a lesson to share. About Jesus. Weeping.

  • Caleb's Assignment: Watch A Snoodle's Tale and get ready for bed.

  • SheaJanelle is A California Girl in Kansas and is a bit dizzy lately.

  • The host at Do It, Rockapella! has joined the gym. Tune in for Part 3.

  • Orange Soda in Detroit has some interesting things to say.

  • A KS Cowboy talks about Combat Duty at My Thoughts.

  • Argghhh! has some Bright Shiney Objects to view and talk about.

  • Stars Over Kansas is all about Lunacy this week. Really.

  • Carolyn at A Prairie View loves, loves, loves days like Saturday.

  • Kelly in Kansas chronicles her latest Chronicles. That's right.

  • Smells Like Nate bids Farewell to Dear Augustine.

  • A friend of mine is in Arrowhead Band. Go see them.

  • Okay, now some Political Blogs...

  • Red State Rabble reports on Church & ID.
  • Thoughts from Kansas on Instapunditry.
  • The Red Pencil notes some errors?
  • Red Letter Day finds a Notre Dumb.
  • Evolution has a question for google.
  • Did I miss anyone who wanted to be here?
  • If so, let me know and I'll add you. Really.

  • Well, that's a wrap. Thanks for reading. Check back eventually for an upcoming KGB schedule. BTW, who wants to host next time?

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