Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Olympic Blogging Training Camp Assignment


Cybervassals has set an Olympic Blogging Challenge: Host a blog party based on your blogroll and include as many guests as you can before your fingers collapse in exhaustion. The Top 10% (those with the most links) participating in this assignment will win a Gold Medal! Results will be posted at the IOBC Headquarters.

So here goes: Welcome to my first blog party!

Come on in, Adam. How are you? I've been enjoying your reflections lately based on the Lord's Prayer. You know the Yak, of course. He's just finished two weeks of live Olympic blogging - great stuff. Yak, have you met Pettifog? He's a milblogger, one of the few I read, in fact. I usually stick with humor...speaking of which, Average just arrived! Glad you could make it. I like your panel thingys. Are you familar with David Drake? He's a humorous political blogger like you. He's over there in the corner, still pouting about losing the Best So Far award. Make yourself at home. If you'll excuse me a moment, I have to attend to the snacks.

(::whisper::) Beth, would you help me here? Thanks for co-hosting! I know you're busy with your poetry contests, but I appreciate your work on the Daily Brew as well. Could you get your sister to write another post? Thanks. She's your poetry queen, isn't she? Dethroned Dane, I understand. Where has he been, by the way? Hasn't posted since I forced the meme on him.

David: "Excuse me for interupting, but where's the bathroom?"
Second door to the left. Hey, David, any death threats yet at Third World County?
David: "Not yet. I keep trying to stir up controversy, but nothing works."
Well, keep after it. Maybe you need to take some lessons from The Mary Hunter. He's blasting the Taliban, buying Danish, and promoting . . . chocolate.

Ah, which reminds me. I have to put out more snacks. I know Jen likes salmon fillets. And Lazy Daisy has to have low-fat snacks since she's on a diet. Hmm, what can I get Killired? Anything pink probably! lol She hosts a great meal, so I doubt I can top her party...

Oh, there are just too many bloggers! I can't get to them all. What to do? I know. Why don't I just open the trackback buffet and let visitors BYOB (Bring Your Own Blog). (So, if you want to help me win the gold, just trackback here - those links will count, right? :-) And thanks for attending my first blog party!


  1. Must I once again retain Albert Gore, Jr. as my attorney in your slanderous remarks of me pouting?!?!?!??

    That's've got a great sense of humor. Thanks, as always, for the mention.

  2. Thanks! What a diversion, eh? You've got some great humor going on over at your blog...keep it up! lgp

  3. Great party! Everywhere I go Lazy Daisy is there. I'm sure we can read about all the gossip later on her blog. Is that Killired over there in a pink jogging suit?

  4. What a great party! If you get a chance, stop by my Toga Party!!


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