Thursday, June 15, 2006

Must See Thursday

Some great links to pass the time...
1. David Drake's Blogworthy (especially the Phelps-Roper interview!)
2. Steve sent me this money waster: iPod Clogs University Toilets
3. And Then I Woke working on her PhD in procrastination.
4. Dane Bramage found a sick Mentos video - is Dane still in Jr. Hi?
5. G'day Mate had me till the end on this joke. Yeah, a redneck joke.

David at Third World County has advanced me a sneak peak of an article on Mending Walls: Faith that he's syndicating here and at The Wide Awakes tomorrow, Friday the 16th. Here's a taste of what you'll discover...
The word "faith" is bruited about quite a bit in common talk, in the public arena, in churches, schools and the media. Every venue has a different take on what faith is, how it operates, its value to society, etc. And mostly, even in Christian churches, the meaning ascribed to the word today, and its ascribed value to society by various groups, is so far off base that I wonder whether "mending" this wall is worth the effort. Perhaps building an entirely new wall and calling it "pfeffernoogle" would be better. *sigh*
Pfeffernoogle or Faith, either way, tomorrow's blog post at TWC promised to stretch your thinking. Get ready. Get set. See you then. lgp


  1. is Dane still in Jr. Hi?
    HEY! I resemble that remark! How many middle schoolers can spell nucleation sites?! :-)

  2. lol, just kidding...but you have to admit, the gross-factor panders to 7th grade interests. :-)

  3. There is an element to the whole visual that appeals to single men of all generations. And makes one wonder if they need help gathering up all the pieces parts.


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