Friday, July 28, 2006

Random Blog Cluster #4

Welcome to the Blogs of Summer Awards!
Winners & Awards for this Random Cluster announced Monday.

Blogs of Summer Finalist
Blogs of Summer Finalists ~ Random Cluster #4
Random Blogs ~ Where Every Nominee is a Finalist

Random Cluster #4 
  • DroppedIn
  • Fall Wind Dancer
  • fallible
  • Friday's Child
  • Home Where They Belong
  • Killired
  • Lazy Daisy Blog
  • Life As I Know It
  • Lone Pony
  • Melange
  • Waiting to Teach, Ready to Learn
  • Watermark
  • Wendy's Whimsies
  • Yellow Roses Garden


  1. I've just voted at 123beta! Please refresh me here....I'm a little bit confused. I thought voting for random blogs were postponed. When I opened now I find that voting is going at somewhere and not at Random Yak.
    I hope I just did right now.

  2. Hi Lyn,

    I'm a Finalist in the Humor & Satire category.
    Thank you so very much for sponsoring this wonderful event! The week was fun for me to rally with my readers, online, and instant messaging friends around a theme.
    In addition, I appreciated to get to know blogs outside my usual sphere of bloggin (MSN Spaces). Your site, and many others, are just fantastic!
    All the best,


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