Friday, April 27, 2007

Something's Very Wrong

Wow, something must have gone very very wrong with the TTLB Ecosystem since I've been gone. After just one day of refreshing my pages I am now a Playful Primate (#84 as of this a.m.)

So, what, they let any ol' link whore enter the top tiers here?

Must be that the TTLB is on its way out 'cause I'm within spittin' distance of MYVRWC who gets about 100x more visitors than I do. Hmm, well that's a bit disappointing, knowing that all I have to do is get on a bunch of blogrolls to win here. I want visitors, dang it!

Any thoughts on how to win the "daily visits" game? No no, besides having something substantive to say and saying it well. I think there must still be a way to manipulate google. Let us think on this.

UPDATE 4.30 ~ Something's Right: Eunomia linked to me as proof the ecosystem went wacky. Hmm, now is that a compliment? Well, at least I got about 10 hits and increased my visitor ranking. See there? Law of Attraction at work. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Lyn, I was happily surprised to find this blog up and running again. Have been visiting your other one and not checking this one.

    As for TTLB, it has been doing some strange things lately! I found my blog #44 the other day, and now I'm back a Big Mammal. Maybe they will get it fixed some day.


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