Friday, June 29, 2007

Announcing a New eZine

With some fear and trepidation - and a definite hat tip and nod to The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights & Angels, Ray Gun Revival, and Wayfarer's Journal (I wasn't around for Deep Magic) - I'd like to announce a new outlet for speculative fiction with a spiritual foundation. The new zine is:

Residential Aliens
Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars

I have most of the stories lined up for the first issue and am waiting on my cover art - which will imagine the "seven stars" and I think really wow us - and then we'll launch the new online publication by July 4th.

Issue #1 will feature a dark fantasy by Donald S. Crankshaw, a science fiction piece by Rob Carr, an allegorical fantasy by yours truly, a book and theological review of The Children of Hurin, plus a LOTR fan fiction piece by Jacquelyn Fisher and the beginning of a 4 part fantasy serial by Meghan Vance.

I am accepting submissions for Issue #2 to go online August 1. For guidelines, questions or comments, email me at lyngperry @ yahoo . com - and thanks in advance for your prayers. I very much want this project to stimulate us to think upon eternal things.

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