Friday, June 29, 2007

My 2nd Fiction Friday

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This Week’s Challenge: Pick a mythical person or creature (e.g., Santa, Thor, Easter Bunny), and explain through dialog, essay, or anything else, why they are unhappy with their job or position in life.

Dear Al,

You're fired!

I've been waiting 1001 Nights to tell you that. And now I've done it, I've just fired my boss. Why? You should know, you've been the worse master I've ever had. First it was just three wishes, then three more, then three more after that. You could never quit. It was like a drug with you. "Your wish is my command." Yeah, right. My wish is my command now, baby.

If only you had been an honest boss in our initial interview. I could maybe have developed some respect for you. But no. You asked of me the impossible. Like, wanting to know the mind of a woman! Or if I could provide you a plan for world peace. You even wished for tasty jello. Impossible, I tell you.

I thought about writing something like, "It is with great sadness that I must tender my resignation." But that just wouldn't be fair to you. You gotta know, Al, that from now on you'll be rubbing your own lamp - and all you'll get is a shiny lamp. I'm going into business for myself.

No longer yours,


  1. I love this so much. The link is a great addition to this piece. I really like the language..."My wish is my command now, baby" I'm actually going to use this line on my husband:)

    The voice is real and funny and I think that the image of Al *rubbing his own lamp* really shows how this genie is telling him off.

  2. That link was hilarious, BOL! Great letter of resignation, Genie.

  3. Yeah, the rub your own lamp line was a crackup. I like the twist on the resignation letter and the acknowledgment of the universal truth that your job is only as good as your boss. Bad boss = bad job. Even if you're a genie. Especially if you're a genie! This was fun.

  4. Hello Garth,

    That was a funny story, what are you going to do with a Genie that won't grant wishes?

    Enjoy Life!

  5. Well, maybe Genie will grant only those he deems worthy! lol... thanks for stopping by my 2nd FF. lgp

  6. Oh, if he's taking new customers, I'm more than willing to adopt the little Genie :-) Enjoyed the letter, I think I may have written a similar one to a previous boss.

  7. I see that you and I were on similar wavelengths. This was quite good.

  8. Love this! It's so true. Nobody's happy with what they have, even with three wishes, they want more and more. Thanks for the link, it was hysterical.



  9. I like this. The genie's really honest about not wanting liking Al's and his wants.

  10. that was GREAT!! i love a genie who can tell it like it is!! WOOHOO!! see you next week.