Friday, June 22, 2007

Could Someone Explain?

Have you ever opened a spam email like this one?
"Nevertheless comb along the incident was as I say," I replied. "A very burst respected ex-captain mad told me the story, "And helpless what a fine thing it cough all is!" I continued. "Could broken anything be more abominable osseous than the way in w "Yet he tense famous possesses irritate a dreamed good circle of friends?"
What does it mean? I mean, what are they trying to accomplish? Is someone actually writing gibberish and sending it to millions of people in hopes of a reply or is a computer program just stringing together a bunch of words, taking a stab at AI? Osseous-headed!


  1. Those spam emails drive me crazy, too.
    I found you through a comment on Dane Bramage. I wish he'd get moving and blog a bit more again! I miss him!

  2. Yeah, Dane needs to get bloggin' again, he's witty and wise! :-) Thanks for popping by, come back again, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

  3. This kind of e-mail is a spammer trying to test what makes it through junk mail filters and what words get kicked back. Its like a probe of your spam defenses.

  4. Ah, now that makes sense! More sense than "what a fine thing it cough all is!" :-) Thanks for the feedback. Lyn


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