Friday, June 22, 2007

My First Fiction Friday

Write Stuff Presents: [Fiction] Friday Meme
This Week's Prompt: Write the first thing that comes to mind when you read this line - Bad news cures all things.

A bad apple a day keeps the doctor away. And your wife.

Let me explain. Fruits and vegetables are good for you, right? Well, so is penicillin. And since that atantibiotic is really "any of a group of chemically similar substances obtained from molds of the genus Penicillium" (thank you!) then a bad - read moldy - apple should pack a double punch.

Well, it does. Not only will your enhanced health keep you from the doctor's office, but your bad apple breath keeps the spouse away. This is not necessarily a bad thing. When she comes home all stressed from work and kicks the dog and bites the cat and dumps the kids in your lap, the last thing the husband wants to do is listen to the report, right? Right.

This is why I have a stock of old Granny Smiths that I never let my wife throw out. I tell her it's a home remedy.

Explanation: Fiction Friday is easy to do.
  • Every Thursday, just check this page for this week’s theme or challenge.
  • Spend at least 5 minutes composing something original based on the theme or challenge.
  • But, remember, no editing. This is to inspire creativity not stifle it.

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