Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review - Lono and the Little Gods

From Sword's Edge, Issue 24

"Lono and the Little Gods"
by Paul McNamee

When Lono's wife is abducted by the little gods, he sheds his fear of the unknown and chases after them into their underground kingdom. With some unexpected help along the way, Lono battles Kaang, their king, and discovers more than a few new truths about himself, the gods, and the woman he loves. From the opening fight scene to the revealing dénouement, McNamee builds and maintains the momentum with action and mystery in this wonderfully descriptive Polynesian styled story. What seems to be a simple rescue-the-maiden plot turns out to be something much more satisfying in the end. The unique setting and exotic cast of characters makes the story interesting and enjoyable.

Fantasy/Supernatural (PGish)
About 4700 words
My Rating: 8.5 of 10
Take an early lunch and read it.

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