Friday, July 10, 2009

Need Help With A Giveaway

You're Attention Please...

I have two copies of Robin Parrish's new book, Offworld - one to review and one to give away. It's a science fiction novel (Bethany House, 2009) that I've agreed to blog about, and so they sent me an extra copy. Maybe I have yours!

My dilemma is that I'm not sure what type of contest I should run in order to...

1. Generate more traffic! (yes, it's ultimately about that, lol)
2. Encourage readers to check out the book. (it's called marketing)
and 3. Mail this book to you.

Any ideas?

While you wait for inspiration...
+ Here's a review from The Christian Manifesto.
+ And an interview with Robin from Profess.
+ Oh, and here is my 1, 2, 3-part Q&A with the author about his novel Fearless.


  1. One thing that might help is to make sure and tell the readers it's written for that targeted market of Christians that visit the larger Christian Bookstores (conservative evangelicals) so that general market readers aren't left scratching their heads should they win it to read it.

    Not explaining this is the worst marketing I can think of. IMO

  2. But is the book targeted toward Christians who visit the larger Christian bookstores? I didn't get that impression. My reading of Parrish is that he's a mainstream author who happens to be a Christian. His Fearless series is really a comic book/graphic novel in written form and has moral characters, but is not specifically a Christian trilogy.

  3. I'm drawing a blank on what kind of contest, but enter me whatever it is!


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