Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fill Your Submission Pipeline

Writing is a pipeline business. To get acceptances to come out the one end you have to push submissions into the top of the line. Push. And keep pushing. Don't think one little sub is going to be an oil gusher.

I think beginner writers - and many of us who can no longer be considered beginners - make a common mistake:  we put our little baby in the top of the pipeline then run around to the other end and look for it. Helloooo in there. Where are you little story? Did you get accepted yet?

Then, 3 months later, a little fart escapes out the pipe's end, a depressing, hissing noise that lets us know our story was declined. So we mourn that little story's passing for a few months until we get up the courage to put it (or another one we finally finished) into the top of the pipeline. And we run around to the end again to wait, call, beg, wonder, fume...

That's called Riding the Pipeline to Heck method of submitting stories. One at a time. Wait, worry, wilt. Repeat. Yikes!

Here's the reality. You want acceptances to come out the back end of the pipeline? You have to stuff the front end. Truth is, a number of stories will get lost in there. But if you keep the pipeline full of activity (writing more stories, submitting more stories), then inevitably you'll start getting a flow of acceptances.

Simple business model. Keep the pipeline full.
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