Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recent Reads and Reviews

Didn't add any written words today to my monthly totals, but I did finish reading a book - Dust and Kisses by Dean Wesley Smith. Smith started a periodical called Smith's Monthly (180 page two-column paperback, really, also in ebook form) that features all original work by DWS.

The first issue boasted 4 short stories, 2 serials (first 3 chapters of each), a nonfiction column (golf and humor), and a full novel, Dust and Kisses. Future issues promise similar generous helpings of quality stories.

The novel in the premier issue is a SF/Romance, a gentle read of 'love, hope, and the future.' Light on plot but with plenty of heart and character, Dust and Kisses follows the 3 day emotional journey of Carey Noack and Matt Ladel as they meet - and become friends - in the aftermath of the world's end.

If you're looking for an action oriented, apocalyptic thrill ride, this isn't it. But if you're interested in the (more internal) human interactions in such a world, this is a nice and steady, but very quick, read. I found the scenario interesting and am looking forward to future issues of Smith's Monthly where I see that he'll revisit this world again both in a couple of short stories next month and in another novel, Against Time, in the third issue.

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