Friday, October 25, 2013

Three Creepy Friday Freebies

First, grab your free copy of Simon Kewin's short collection, Faces in the Shadows (at Smashwords for a limited time if you use coupon code LQ95X). This is part of our monthly give-away promo from the Spec Fic Authors Collective, which I'm normally a part of, but just didn't get my act together to participate in this month.

Second, another SFAC member, Milo James Fowler, is hosting a weekly Creepy Freebie Friday this month, and this week's participants are: James Garcia Jr., Robert C. Eccles, Michelle Ann King, and Aaron Polson. So check their offerings out.

And third, there's always the Coffin Hop Web Tour to visit. If you want to discover a (g)host of new writers, stop your coughin' and hop on over to that tour. Plenty of freebies to choose from. Have a spooktacular Halloween week.

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