Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Experiments in Flash Fiction

It's hard to write a story every two days. So sometimes I cheat. Well, it's not cheating if my goal is simply to finish some kind of writing project every two or three days - and so expanding a micro fiction into a flash fiction counts as a project, right? Works for me. ;)

Here's what I mean. I took this silly 55 word microfiction (which some short-lived zine published nearly ten years ago) and expanded it to 100 words, then 250, then 500. Each time I added a bit of depth but the punchline remained the same. Here's the first one (original title: "I Won!"). The 500 word version (titled "My Song Request") is being considered by some market or other.

“Song request?”
“Sure,” the DJ says. “You’re also a winner.”
“I know.” Positive self-image.
“No, you won a lottery ticket. It’s at the studio.”
“Okay.” Radio station here I come.
“Yes?” the receptionist asks. She’s pretty.
“I won a ticket.”
“Congratulations. Sign here.”
“Sure.” I start to fidget.
“Anything else?”
“I never requested my song.”


Fun, right? At least I thought so. So I did another one, but this time the final punch line of the 500 word version is a bit different. I kept adding info that changed the story in subtle ways at the 100, 250, and 500 word iteration. The original is called "The Engagement Ring" (published a long time ago) and the full version has the same title. Again off to some market hopefully to find an online home. Here's the 55 word one. (BTW, I have a half dozen of these which I'll likely experiment with in the future as I finish my #60DayChallenge. Again, not cheating! ;)

“Look at this diamond!”
“Now that’s a nice sized rock.”
“You don’t think it’s too ostentatious?”
“Absolutely not! A new bride deserves the best.”
“But what does it communicate?”
“It says, ‘You’re worth it!’”
“You’re right, I am worth it. Now I just have to find the right man who will buy it for me.”


So there's your Free Fiction for the week. ;) Later this week, maybe tomorrow, I'll tell you the story behind the story "Blood Feud." Thanks for reading and following along as I complete this challenge of writing 30 stories in 60 days. You can check my progress here, or click the current projects tab above.

Update: The first story I wrote - "Exit Ramp" - (as part of my pre-challenge challenge) back mid-September has been accepted for publication at EconoClash Review. I think I may be in the first issue, so no stories yet at the website. I'll let you know when it goes live.

(Note: Once Upon a Time image by Ramdlon at Pixabay.com, freely licensed for commercial use.)