Thursday, December 21, 2017

Most Links Up for Tule Fog Tales

Tracked down all (or most) of the sales links for my latest release. Here they are - and a bunch in Germany too! Wild. Are there any other platforms that you'd like to see represented? Let me know!

Short Fiction With a Dash of the Fantastic from Lyndon Perry

In this first issue of Tule Fog Tales I've gathered six short stories that skim the border of wonder, innocence, and hope. Stories include:

+ Teenage Mutant Ninja Nobody
+ Making Worf Proud
+ Memory Dish
+ An Astral Advent (free below!)
+ Casting a Vampire
+ Tucker & Mr. Chilly

All told, about 50 pages of some good reading. ;)

Available at the following bookstores:
+ Amazon (mobi for Kindle)
+ Apple (for iBooks, Mac, iOS)
B&N (epub for Nook/tablets)
+ Kobo (epub for tablets)
+ Lulu (epub for tablets)
+ Scribd and 24Symbols (subscription for unlimited reading)
+ Smashwords (all ebook formats including mobi, epub, pdf)
+ Universal link at Books2Read (including Australia! and Germany's ThaliaHugendubel, and Weltbild ebook stores)

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