Thursday, November 11, 2021

December Book Table Events

Dang, I probably won't be able to attend this year's AirCapital Comic Con at Century II in Wichita this Saturday. We'll be crewing for our daughter and son-in-law's 6 hour run! Hello! And then I have a gig with Perry, Martin & Friends at the Kechi Tap House that evening. Busy day.

But I shouldn’t complain. My son-in-law, Jacob Aybara, will be at Air Cap – after his marathon!! He’ll be selling his artwork and prints. So drop by his table and make sure his legs aren’t cramping!

Now, later in December, I will be at two author events. I’ll have a book table with my whole collection! My order just came in: Ma Tutt, Cat Potion, Sword of Otrim; and other books, too.

So check out these fun events and mark your calendars, please. Would love to see you at either or both book signings. Here’s the info:

The first one is Friday, Dec 3, 4 to 9 PM, at SunflowerPlaza on Gilbert St, Wichita. It’s only $3 and includes author swag and a goodie bag! The small donation helps pay for the venue, so that’s cool.

It’s hosted by “Writers of the Wheat,” which keeps the long history of heartland story telling alive by sponsoring writing festivals, author readings, book signings, etc.

The second author event I’ll be attending is hosted by “Atthe Market” on West St, Wichita. It’s Saturday, Dec 11, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Free and open to the public.

“Meet the brains behind the books,” the host invites. I like that! Lots of local writers, new books to discover. Book signings, of course, and a schedule of author readings. Need a holiday gift idea? Um…books! lol

What I like about “At the Market” is their mission. It’s to “provide a platform that facilitate business growth for entrepreneurs through connections, encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration while utilizing our programming, trainings, community resources, and retail showroom opportunities.”

They host Business Mixers, Wellness Fairs, Art Crawls, Empowerment Classes, Holiday Open Houses, etc., and focus a lot on opportunities to empower women and minority business owners. Cool stuff.

So that’s the plan for December. Come on out and enjoy meeting some local talent, interact with interesting people, and pick up a few stocking stuffers for loved ones this holiday season!

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