Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New Stories at Faith Journeys

Excited about four new stories coming online at Faith Journeys - our app project that "delivers short biblical fiction daily." 

What is Faith Journeys? I'm glad you asked!

From our website: Faith Journeys is an app for reading entertaining and inspirational stories based on biblical characters and events. The stories are fictional. Our authors have added additional characters and story lines to create an encouraging tale of how their characters grew in their understanding of and faith in God.

Our goal is to add new stories on a regular basis. (And we're looking for writers, as well. This is paid gig, y'all. Contact me for details.)

What's new? The following stories are now available (or soon will be) in our Faith Journeys app (for phone or tablet). 

Can you tell which character goes with which story? By the way, the wonderful artwork is by Jacob Aybara. (He's actually my son-in-law as well! So I may be biased, lol.)

Here they are:

  • Daniel and Ezra - Standing Strong by Laura Ware
  • Absalom and King David - A Shakespearian Tragedy by Jeff Chapman
  • Naamah, Noah's Wife - Navigating Life's Perilous Flood by Karen Hollowell
  • The Story of Ruth - A Journey to Faith by Revathi Selwyn. 
Other stories already available include: 

Adam, Methuselah, Abigail, Barabbas, Matthew, Naomi, Rebekah, Samson, Zacchaeus, Phileom & Onesimus, Edud, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Joseph the Carpenter, Barnabas, and Paul the Apostle. 

We'll have Michal and Isaiah coming in the next month or so.

What Bible character do you want to read about? With Faith Journeys you can travel with them in your imagination and discover a possible backstory and find out a little bit more about their context and culture.

Look for all of these on our Faith Journeys website and in the app, which is available as a free download in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Now that you've taken a look (at our website with all that artwork), which characters do you like the best? Who else do you want to read about? Let us know! 

Oh, and be sure to like and follow our Facebook page to keep up with news and new stories. Thanks for dropping by!

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