Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Our Next Hike - Camino de Santiago de Compostela

If you're like me, you're always thinking about your next trip. I even dream about our next vacation while I'm on vacation! It's part of the fun of trip planning.

Well, awhile back we'd planned our "next" hiking trip for the fall of 2020. That didn't happen. Obvs. So since then, my wife and I have had lots and lots of time to think and dream and research.

During this past year and a half we've all had to change plans and make accommodations. Not a problem. Health and safety first. But if everything holds, our "next" trip will finally come together.

Drum roll, please: Portugal and Spain, May 2022.

We're excited. The purpose of the trip is really to day-hike a portion of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. The "camino" is actually a series of routes from various parts of France, Spain, and Portugal. They all end up in a city in NW Spain.

For many, it's a pilgrimage, a spiritual journey following the path of what is claimed to be the Way of St. James. I don't know if St. James actually made it to Spain, but it will still be a refreshing venture.

We'll be hiking a 7 day portion of the camino, north of Portugal. If you look at the map below, I think we start in Pontevedra. (The symbol above, btw, is the sign for the camino.)

We'll be with four other couples and we'll hike about 12 miles each day for a week. We'll be going from one bed and breakfast to the next. It's more like day trekking, since we won't need overnight backpacks. 

What's cool is that the tour company takes our luggage from one place to the next. We'll simply stroll along, take pictures, drink wine, converse; and then spend the night in a beautfiful B and B.

Sure, it might be the cheater's way, but heh, it's a pilgrimage not an ultra-marathon!

As the time draws close, I'll keep you posted on the trip. In the mean time, what vacations, hikes, tours, or adventures do you have planned in the upcoming year?

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