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Microbursts of Fiction

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

Your #FreeFictionFriday story this week is actually a collection of microbursts. Microfiction is short short fiction, typically less than 500 words. Flash fiction, as you probably know, hovers around 1000 to 1500 words.

Today, we have 6 short Experiments in 55 Word Fiction. I think all of these were written in 2007 or 2008 when I was learning to write precisely, edit for word choice, and just play around with ideas. I’m still learning those skills!

These stories appeared in various online zines at the time, including MicroHorror, Bewildering Stories, Long Story Short, Flashshot, and Pen Pricks. Hope you enjoy them. And feel free to comment below to let me know which one or two you liked the best.

Story #1 – The Proposal

“Are you giving her a ring?”

“No. It’s too bourgeois.”

“You’re making a mistake.”

“It’s patriarchal. Chauvinistic.”

“It’s a meaningful tradition.”

“She’s liberated.”

“You’re cheap.”


“So, are you ready?”

“For what?”


“Is that a serious proposal?”

“I thought we were different.”

“Didn’t buy me a ring either, did you?”

“No. You’re liberated.”

“You’re cheap.”

Story #2 – The Engagement Ring

“Look at this diamond!”

“Now that’s a nice sized rock.”

“It’s not too ostentatious?”

“Absolutely not! A future bride like you deserves the best.”

“But what does it communicate?”

“It says, ‘You’re worth it!’”

“You’re right, I am worth it. Now I just have to find the right man who will buy it for me.”


Story #3 – Dear John

Writing on an envelope as you suggested whenever I felt feel the urge. Only have a few minutes before I leave. I was am sorry for the aggravation I caused you. You’ve taught me so much—especially about keeping my tenses consistent. You’re a great editor but I’m ready to go it alone. Sincerely, Lyn


Story #4 – Grand Prix Auto

He was going too fast.
She screamed for him to slow down.
The alcohol told him it wasn’t that sharp a turn.
The radar confirmed it: He was going to crash.
As he accelerated, the machine . . . ran out of time.
“Quick! Drop another quarter, I gotta see if I make this curve!”


Story #5 – Good News

“Verdict, Doc?”

“Bad news first?”

“Sure.” Jaw pain can’t be good.

“Two rotten molars. Pulling ’em beats a double root canal.” The dentist smiles.

“That’s good news?”

She shrugs. “Do you floss?”

“Nope.” Lecture time.

“Then you don’t have to floss if you don’t want.”

“Really?” I’m confused.

“Just the teeth you want to keep.”


Story #6 – I Won!

“Song request?”

“Sure,” the DJ says. “You’re also a winner.”

“I know.” Positive self-image.

“No, you won a lottery ticket. It’s at the studio.”

“Okay.” Radio station here I come.

“Yes?” the receptionist asks. She’s pretty.

“I won a ticket.”

“Congratulations. Sign here.”

“Sure.” I start to fidget.

“Anything else?”

“I never requested my song.”

So there you have it. Kinda fun, don’t you think? But wait, there’s more! For kicks and giggles, here are the last two stories as 100 word microfictions. The longer version was written first, by the way. After reading them, let me know which version you prefer.

Story #5 – Good News (100 words)

“What’s the verdict, Doc?”

“Bad news first?” she asks.

“Sure,” I reply, knowing that shooting jaw pain can’t be good.

“You’ve got two molars rotten to the roots. We pull the teeth and save you the trouble of a double root canal.” She smiles.

“Is that remedy supposed to be the good news?” I ask.

The dentist simply shakes her head. “Do you floss, by the way?”

“Nope. Never have.” I’m waiting for the lecture.

“Well, the good news is you don’t have floss if you don’t want to.”

“Really?” I ask, confused.

“Just the teeth you want to keep.”

Story #6 – I Won! (100 words)

“Can I request a song?” I ask the DJ.

“Sure. You’re also a winner,” he says.

“I know.” I have a positive self-image.

“No, I mean you won our lottery ticket giveaway. Come by the studio and pick up your prize.”

“Okay.” I hang up and drive to the radio station.

“May I help you,” the receptionist asks. She’s pretty.

“I’m a winner,” I say. “I won a lottery ticket.”

“Congratulations. Please sign here.”

I sign the receipt and start to fidget.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” she asks.

“I never got to request my song.”

Experiments in 55 Word Fiction; All Stories © 2007 by Lyndon Perry

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