Monday, January 17, 2022

Movie Monday - Louis Wain's Cats

Saw The Electrical Life of Louis Wain the other night. It was pretty good. On Amazon Prime, I think. (As you can already tell, this is less a review and more of an impression, lol. I forget where I watch movies and only post about them a few days later, simply sharing some random thoughts.)

Movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy. Cumberbatch was excellent and Foy was wonderful as well. (Foy played the younger Queen Elizabeth in The Crown - and the narrator in Wain, Olivia Coleman, played the older Elizabeth in Crown. Wild.)

I didn't know much about Wain until this movie and my subsequent search engine results. (Here's a good summary of his life and work at But I do remember seeing some of his cat pictures growing up. Wonderful drawings that went through several stages of development as he got older and matured as an artist.

The movie (along with his life story and artwork) is quite trippy. I think they captured his "electrical" essence quite well. Evidently, he believed that we are moved by electricity, a life force of some kind. Well, he's probably not wrong.

At any rate, if you stream movies, go ahead and catch this one online. Nothing objectionable, per se, but it is filled with tragedy. Whimsy has its moments, but ultimately life is tragic. That's the theme I caught from watching this film. I disagree with that conclusion, but it does make for some interesting discussion if you are into talking about those kinds of things. 

Did you see it yet? What were your thoughts? Happy to discuss even if we disagree. (One of his cat illos below. So fun!)

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