Thursday, July 14, 2022

Ma Tutt’s Secret Spice – Day 8

Seventh Inning Stretch?

                Only 1200 words today. The reason I think I slowed down and struggled with the word count is that I finished Part 5 and I’m already thinking ahead as to how I’m going to wrap this short novel up. (It’s likely going to hit 40k words, thus another 5k or 6k to go.) So this section has to end in another big, final crisis that leads to the climax encounter. I think I'm rounding third base and heading for home!

Image by zulvikar from Pixabay. Used by permission.

                The magic spice that Ma and Martía used to get one of the characters to ‘reveal all’ worked, but it couldn’t just work again for the second key player in the ‘mystery thing’ that happened, right? So a bump in the road of Ma’s plans leads to the last problem, the last rising act of tension.

                Tomorrow comes the breaking point and I know I’ll have to switch POVs again. But that’s okay, I’m feeling good about the dual perspective and think it will work in this story. I just hope the turning point and transformation that occurs comes across as authentic and natural to the story I’ve told.

                One section I did have fun with was the television interview. Without going into details (spoilers, you know!), a reporter showed up to interview Ma about the crisis at the bakery. I later wrote that same scene from the perspective of someone watching it on the 6 o’clock news. I got to copy and paste words (dialog) and count those toward my word count! Ah, the little things in life. (grin)

                Since I’ve basically revealed a lot about the plot, I guess it’s a good time to share the blurb I’ve come up with for the back of the book:

Mack is back in a Magical Cat Cozy Mystery!

When Dolly “Ma” Tutt gets caught up in a local scandal, her café and bakery begins to suffer. Places are vandalized and fingers start pointing. Word travels fast in the small mountain community of Sugar Pine Station, and Ma Tutt’s Donut Hut becomes gossip central.

But who is really behind these mysterious break-ins? And to what purpose? Will Ma’s friends stand by her in the midst of trouble…or will she have to toss in the towel and close up shop?

Relying on Mack, an intuitive and mysterious gray tabby, Dolly discovers a special recipe that brings out the truth. She also discovers that love and friendship are the true ingredients, the ‘secret spice of life’ that she needs to face every challenge.

This is Book 2 in the Mack the Magical Cat series, but stands alone as a cozy mystery adventure.

I think that works!

Today’s Writing Tip…

Start tying up loose ends in your final act. I even jot those dangling threads down so I won’t forget them. Anything mentioned earlier in the story should find resolution or be brought back around for a final appearance. More on this tomorrow, I think.


Writing: Ma Tutt’s Secret Spice by Lyn Perry 
Introduction - Tackling a New Project
Day 1 - 450 words, story at 18,500 words
Day 2 - 500 words, story at 19,000 words
Day 3 - 3000 words, story at 22,000 words
Day 4 - 3100 words, story at 25,100 words
Day 5 - 3000 words, story at 28,100 words
Day 6 - 3050 words, story at 31,150 words
* Day 7 - 2550 words, story at 33,700 words
* Day 8 - 1200 words, story at 34,900 words


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