Sunday, July 24, 2022

To Catch the Dragon's Eye

Came up with a simple story idea as I was falling asleep last night. Perfect for flash fiction. One quick story arc with a set up, engaging characters (IMO!), a bit of tension and anticipation, and a satisfying payoff. Well, at least I thought so. Even came up with the title: To Catch the Dragon's Eye.

It's a knight and dragon fantasy tale tapping into the common tropes of this kind of legend - a knight stealing from a dragon, a wyvern's hoard of treasure, the vanity of the drake. All that was missing was a captured princess waiting for rescue. 

Image by Jo-B from Pixabay. Used by permission.

So this morning I woke up and sketched out the story. Knew I wouldn't get to write the full thing out until this evening as we had a busy day.

First up, of course, was church. Followed by a taco lunch in the church basement. Hello, Tacos! Typically, Puerto Ricans don't make Mexican tacos, so it was a special treat for our friends as well. Then we headed to town for a few items from the grocery store. We returned to the church in the late afternoon for a very moving and touching memorial service in celebration of the life of our pastor's wife's mother. Then came home for dinner (left over tacos!).

I was feeling pretty tired and was tempted to head to bed, but this story kept pulling at me. So 999 words later I had the flash fiction hammered out. Was going to wake up my wife and read it to her, but decided that wouldn't be wise. She'll hear it tomorrow. Trust me.

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