Thursday, August 18, 2022

Secrets & Scents - Day 10

Wrote a chapter out of order today.

            I was supposed to write Chapter 15 but once I finished I realized that I skipped some things. Just little things like necessary scenes, some story development, another red herring or two. You know, just more of the plot. (grin)

            This is probably due to the fact that I’m not very focused on this novel right now. I need to be, I made a big deal that I would finish it in 20 writing days. But I can see now that that will probably no happen. Too many real life interruptions like cleaning our apartment (the last owner left a lot of stuff that needed to be thrown out) and setting up our household.

            But those are just excuses. I need to get back to this cozy mystery. I’m enjoying it. Don’t know how it’s all going to come together, but I’m having a blast figuring it out. I do know the ending I’m shooting toward, I just need to take my time in getting there.

            That was the problem with today’s chapter – I was rushing ahead and realized that I needed some more story development first before I got to this section. So Chapter 15 is now probably Chapter 17 since I feel there are about 3,000 words I missed writing!

            Happens all the time to writers, I imagine.

            In fact, Hugo Award winner Kristine Kathryn Rusch says that she writes many of her novels out of order. I can’t say for sure, but I think she writes scenes and chapters and then ties them together in order once the story takes shape or is completed. Heh, it works for her!

            Rusch also writes novels to understand the backstory for another novel she has in mind. In other words, she has a project she wants to start but has to write a kind of prequel where she explores the characters’ motivations and development before she can properly tell the novel she intended to write.

            In a sense, that’s what Secrets & Scents is. I have in mind to write Ma Tutt’s Christmas Cookies, but that novel involves Kelli & Jo’s bookstore and candle shop. So I need to write this novel first in order to establish in my mind what that store is all about – and what the “Big Mystery” is that definitely comes up in Christmas Cookies. (Those mysterious notes and prophecies.)

            You see, in this novel Ma does not know about Kelli’s discovery of the envelopes (that serve as the writing device to tie all the Candle Shop cozies together). Martia does, but not Ma. But for Ma to come through and help Kelli & Jo in Christmas Cookies, the store owners will have to tell her.

            All that to say, I’m writing this novel so I can get to the next.

            And I’m going to go back and write a few chapters so I can connect the story to the chapter I wrote today.

            Writing’s a complicated process! Thanks for joining me on my journey!

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay. Used by permission.

Writing TipDon’t be afraid to write your story out of order.

Progress: Writing Secrets & Scents... 

Introduction – Part 1: Launching a New Series 
Introduction – Part 2: The Missing Novel 
Day 1 - 3100 (Chps 1 & 2) - Total: 3,100 words 
Day 2 - 3300 (Chps 3 & 4) - Total: 6,400 words
Day 3 - 3150 (Chps 5 & 6) - Total: 9,550 words
Day 4 - 3100 (Chps 7 & 8) - Total: 12,650 words
Day 5 - 1550 (Chpt 9) - Total: 14,200 words
Day 6 - 3050 (Chps 10 & 11) - Total: 17,250 words
Day 7 - 1650 (Chpt 12) - Total: 18,900 words
Day 8 - 1500 (Chpt 13) - Total: 20,400 words
Day 9 - 1600 (Chpt 14) - Total: 22,000 words
Day 10 - 1550 (Chpt 17) - Total: 23,550 words


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