Friday, October 27, 2017

Story Behind - New Life at Death Springs

Earlier this week I mentioned The Return - A Contact Window Story in which I played in another person's sandbox. ;) That is, I wrote a story within the universe of a friend's creative IP (intellectual property), with their permission. It's a kind of fan fiction. I liked what they did and wanted to add a story to that world.

For today's story behind the story, I did something similar. My friend Stoney Setzer writes Christian suspense and supernatural thrillers and mysteries; Twilight Zone-like stories. I even published a collection of his works (found here) called Zero Hour. (book cover to left) In one of his stories, Stoney features a prophet name Obadiah Riddle. Great character, compelling story.

It's been a few years since that released, but I kept thinking about Obadiah Riddle. So with Stoney's permission, I wrote "New Life at Death Springs." (A supernatural western of about 3200 words.) I tried capturing the same feel that Stoney put into his original piece, and sent it to him for edit and approval. He added a scene or two and clarified some things, and so I think the story really came out well.

Free Fiction Friday!

If you're interested in reading it, the story will be free for download here for one week.

"New Life at Death Springs" is set in an "Old West" town of Death Springs, Arizona (fictional, of course) and features an evil mayor, an oppressed town, and a deceived preacher. The Lord sends Obadiah into the middle of the mess to see if new life can spring from this deathly place. You might guess at the answer to that, but getting there was a blast and the story is a good one. :)

Trigger Warning! This is a Christian themed short story, by the way. Not for the whiny hearted. ;)

Next up in my quest to write 30 stories in 60 days, I'll talk about "One Midsummer's Night," a dark fantasy of about 2800 words. Follow my progress here. Check out the 'Current Projects' tab above for more stories.

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