Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Story Behind - One Midsummer's Night

For this short story, a dark fantasy of about 2800 words, I found an abandoned story start on my computer, edited and added to it and used it as a kind of prologue to set the scene for what happens when the wight Nissa, forgotten by his village, finally returns to take his due.

The origin of the abandoned story start was an experiment a friend and I did a long time ago. One person wrote a paragraph, the next added a paragraph, then back and forth for awhile. Probably until I lost interest! ;) (But don't think I just stole this friend's paragraphs, lol. I basically skuddled the whole thing and started from scratch.)

Right now it's in the submission slush pile at some magazine, but if you want to read it let me know. The book cover (to the right) is just a place holder - no ebook is published yet. Once I license a story to a periodical, I'll wait until the contract returns the distribution rights to me and will then publish it as a stand alone ebook.

(BTW, you never 'sell' as story or a novel or any project; you license the copyright. You, the creator, own that intellectual property, and can make money off of your work through licensing. If you don't understand copyright, study up on it.)

Note of interest: "One Midsummer's Night" was the first story I completed in my #60DayChallenge to write 30 stories in 60 days (during Oct/Nov, 2017). I've now completed 15 stories, so am half way there! Next up, I'll tell you about "A Barrel of Space Monkeys," a space monkey pirate story that continues a series of flash fictions about Mazaru, my favorite space monkey pirate, and his friend Captain Ed Drake. Sort of a fun space opera lite bit of whimsy. ;)

As I add more, or get stories published, you can follow my progress here. Or click the 'Current Projects' tab at the top. Thanks for reading!

(Note: cover art is Night Sky © Czbrat, ID 23094525, Dreamstime Stock Photos; cover fonts are Exo (byline) and Munson (book title) from Font Squirrel, freely licensed for commercial use.)