Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Space Monkey Pirates!

A number of years ago - 2007 in fact! - I wrote two space monkey flash fictions for Ray Gun Revival - and some kind Overlords there thought the stories were cute enough to merit a print up in their fine publication of space opera.

The titles were "A Thousand Splendid Monkeys" and "Shock the Monkey." A few years later I wrote a third story, "Space Monkey Business," that never saw the light of day. (Except my brother, who'll read about any bit of silliness I throw his way.)

And then, just last month during this #60DayChallenge I wrote a fourth story, "A Barrel of Space Monkeys." I now have enough of a word count to put them into a short collection that I'll probably upload and sell for 99 cents.

"A Barrel of Space Monkeys" is a space monkey pirate story featuring Mazaru and his friend, Captain Ed Drake. Sort of a fun space opera lite bit of whimsy. If you're interested in reading the whole collection, let me know. I'll try to finish editing it this week.

(UPDATE #1 - The collection is edited and compiled, comes to about 5000 words. May write one more story to round out a loosey goosey story arc. Here's the current ebook cover. I kinda like it.)

(UPDATE #2 - Jan, 2018 - I did indeed write one more story, total words at 7,000 or so. And it's now on sale! Here's the universal link at Books2Read - with links to Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc.)

And thanks for following along as I write a story every two days during Oct/Nov. As I complete them, or get stories published, you can check my progress here. Or click the 'Current Projects' tab at the top. Happy reading! Next up, I'll talk about the story behind "The Newbie and the Zombie," another bit of silliness that is part of a series of flash fictions. Fun stuff.

(Note: the space monkey cover art is from Pixabay, (c) Cabezon, and is freely licensed for commercial use.)