Monday, January 01, 2018

Write Stuff #1 - January Projects

New Column for the New Year: 
Write Stuff - Current Projects, Goals, and Celebrations.

I'm thinking every Monday I'll post an update on what I'm working on, where I'm at with my goals, and share some success stories (things I've published, acceptances, goals met, etc.). Sound like a plan?

So for this first day of 2018, here's what I have on deck for January. I've set up a writing schedule in my office, blocking out a project per week (or over multiple weeks) for the next three months. January's list includes 4 short stories of about 5,000 words each (short story a week).

My goal for each story is to submit them for publication. So I'm going to really focus on the craft here. No silly space monkey pirate stories this month. ;) Yes, I'll have fun with the process but these will be less off the cuff and more intentional.

Numbers wise, this means my daily word count goal is 1,000 words (5 days a week, that is). Which translates, 3 months out, to 60,000 words. That's equivalent to a short to mid-length novel. Keep that up for a year, and I'll have 4 novels done by the start of 2019. That's a stretch goal, to be sure...a quarter of a million words. Whew! But shoot for the stars and all that.

If you're a writer, what are some of your writing goals this year?
If you're a reader, what are some of your reading goals this year?
Comment below and I'll keep you updated as well.
Thanks for reading. By the way, want a free ebook? :)

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