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About Mister the Magical Cat

One more time, with feeling...

Hey, if you don’t know by now, I’m Lyndon Perry. I go by Lyn, especially when I write in this cozy mystery slash magical cat genre. (I use my full name when I write fantasy and science fiction, and I use my middle name when I write thriller and suspense. I know, it’s complicated.)

I’m a full-time writer living in Puerto Rico with my wife, Julie, and our ‘old man’ Charlie, a 19 year old orange and white tabby. (He was a trooper, btw, traveling 17 hours with us from KS to PR.)

Charlies’s my inspiration for Mister the Magical Cat. Our gray mackerel, Izzy, died a few years ago, and he was my model for Mack the Magical Cat.

Yes, I have two tangentially related series featuring two different magical cats. And yes, I’m that crazy. (grin)

I say tangentially, because there is a bit of crossover here. However, my Mister stories focus on the feline antics of Mister and his friends, including the witches and warlocks in his world. For example, we hear the cats converse in this particular series, while also enjoying the perspective of Mister’s human companion, Helga Snittlewitch.

This is ‘magic light’, by the way – no dark arts or evil spells. Family friendly.

Mister the Magical Cat Series by Lyn Perry

Now in my Mack stories, our feline protagonist remains silent and mysterious (kind of like Lillian Jackson Braun’s very intuitive Koko, whom Mack adores). The focus of this particular series is more on how Mack and his human companion, Dorothy ‘Ma’ Tutt, interact – and how she usually gets in trouble and needs Mack’s mysterious abilities to save the day.

A cozy adventure. Less magic, more mystery. In fact, Mack was born in 1954 and is on his fourth life! His original name was Tozier, and he once traveled from California with a young Gypsy couple named Martía and Rohan Cooper to visit Helga Snittlewitch in the late 1990s. Before Mister was even a thought. If that’s too confusing, just read both series starting from the beginning. (Hint hint.)

By the way, I write with adults in mind, but these books are appropriate for middle grade readers on up. They’re clean and wholesome with an underlying spiritual and moral tone. I was a former pastor, after all.

So while some might call these books children stories or even YA books, there aren’t really any children or young people featured in them. My characters are adults and I write with adults in mind. Adults who like whimsy and magic and fun. Without comparing myself to George MacDonald or C. S. Lewis (two literary giants), I do want to emulate their philosophy: my stories aren’t written for children, but for the childlike.

So if you’re an adult with a childlike outlook, these books are for you. But also for your kids and grandkids. I hope you enjoy them all.

Daily Word Totals...
Writing: A Cauldron of Cats by Lyn Perry
Introduction - Becoming a Full-Time Writer
Day 1 - 2,400 words, story is at 4,200 words
Day 2 - 3,400 words, story is at 7,600 words
Day 3 - 3,800 words, story is at 11, 400 words
Day 4 - 3,600 words, story is at 15,000 words
Day 5 - 1,000 words, story is at 16,000 words
Day 6 - 3,100 words, story is at 19,100 words
Day 7 - 2,000 words, story is at 21,100 words
* Day 8 - 100 words, story is done: 21,200 words
* Afterword - About Mister the Magical Cat


I just posted my daily progress in writing A Cauldron of Cats, Book 2 in my Mister the Magical Cat Series (available for pre-order now; affiliate links used throughout). You can also "Tip a Buck & Get a Book" and I'll send you Book 1 now, Cat Potion No. 9

Lyndon Perry is a speculative fiction writer living in Puerto Rico. He's a former pastor and current husband, father, coffee drinker, and cat-wrangler to Charlie, a 19 year old orange and white tabby who serves as the inspiration to Mister the Magical Cat. You can find him a variety of places online. Check out his various Linktree Locations and say hello!

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