Sunday, July 17, 2022

Ma Tutt’s Secret Spice – Day 11

Done with novel number three!

That’s right, I’ve only written three short novels so far. This one, Ma Tutt’s Secret Spice, which follows Ma Tutt’s Donut Hut (from 2014); plus The Sword of Otrim, an epic fantasy I published in 2020. I plan to pick up speed and complete a lot more novels in the next 18 months.

Anyway, I’m excited to finish this story which I’d started way back in 2014 after finishing book one in the series. I’d written about 18,000 words back then and just completed 11 days of writing to add about 22,000 words to the story. So that’s about 2k a day. Not my 3k goal, but not bad either.

Today, though, I only wrote 1000 words to finish the denouement.

Got up early before church and just hammered out the ending. Endings are hard for me. I want the wording to be just right. I want to convey just the right emotion. I want all the loose threads tied up and for the ending to provide an “Ahh, that’s nice” response from the reader. That’s what the denouement is – the final final resolution where everything at last comes together.

I think I accomplished that, but of course, only the reader can determine if I actually did it. If I were the sole judge, I’d say every story of mine works perfectly. Great, in fact!

Some writers doubt if what they’ve written is any good or not. I’m just the opposite. I think everything I write is gold! I know it’s not (on an intellectual level!), but nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with my stories pretty much all the time.

Specifically, the ‘mystery thing’ in Secret Spice that caused the crisis in Ma’s life was resolved in Chapter 6 with the confession (yesterday’s writing task). Along with that, the motivation was revealed. So far so good. But how did that final reveal and come about? And what were the consequences for that person’s actions? That’s what those last 1000 words answered.

Plus, the final feel-good moment. That was my favorite part.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some final thoughts on completing my third novel.

Today’s Writing Tip…

To write twenty or more novels (which is a minimum goal of mine), you have to finish the one you’re working on. Then move on to the next project. Yep, as simple as writing one book at a time.


Writing: Ma Tutt’s Secret Spice by Lyn Perry 
Introduction - Tackling a New Project
Day 1 - 450 words, story at 18,500 words
Day 2 - 500 words, story at 19,000 words
Day 3 - 3000 words, story at 22,000 words
Day 4 - 3100 words, story at 25,100 words
Day 5 - 3000 words, story at 28,100 words
Day 6 - 3050 words, story at 31,150 words
Day 7 - 2550 words, story at 33,700 words
Day 8 - 1200 words, story at 34,900 words
Day 9 - 2800 words, story at 37,700 words
* Day 10 - 2100 words, story at 39,800 words
* Day 11 - 1000 words, done at 40,800 words

(Note: Above image by prabha karan from Pixabay. Used by permission.)


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