Saturday, September 10, 2022

Secrets & Scents – Days 16 & 17

Two days to write one chapter.

Yeah, some days are like that. A lot of days recently! We are still getting our condo fixed up. Little things, like a new hot water heater, some electrical stuff, a leaky sink. This on top of getting three new air conditioner units, and getting quotes to remodel our kitchen. People in and out for the past few weeks.

Plus, getting ready for my Kickstarter launch. Secrets & Scents goes live on Sept 13. Obviously, I’m not done with the novel yet! But by the time the KS campaign ends in early October, I’ll have finished it, edited it, formatted it, and gotten the new cover design.

Exciting. But making sure my Kickstarter add-ons and stretch goals and tiers all in order, plus getting my story and presentation visually pleasing and easy to read on the KS website takes time and effort. Part of a good group on FB, though, that helps with cross-promotions and helpful advice. This being my second campaign, I need all the help I can get!

As to what’s going on in the novel right now, I’m moving toward the climax, getting the pieces in place for the ‘big reveal.’ Although I don’t know how big a reveal it will be since I don’t think I have a lot of suspects and a keen reader will have probably figured out who the culprit is by now. But you never know.

For the most part, I’m really more interested in the why-dunnit than the who-dunnit, really. I mean, the crime had to be committed by someone and very seldom am I super surprised at the final suspect when I read mysteries. Sometimes, but not often. As a reader, I want to know that the motivation makes sense and is plausible.

When the suspect and the motive line up, then that, for me, makes for a satisfying mystery. Both have to work together, imo, for a plot to work and fulfill the expectations that the setup promised the reader way back at the beginning of the novel.

Fingers crossed that I’m accomplishing that with Scents!

Anyway, Louie is out of jail. Tommy is hot on the trail. Kelli & Jo still have no clue. Ben is facing doubts. Dex is perplexed. Ma and CiCi have just baked the treat for the denouement (they just don’t know it yet). The Coopers are out of the picture…or are they? So yeah, overall we’re moving toward the finish line. Maybe less than 10,000 words to go..

Writer’s Tip…

            Even if the suspect is kind of obvious, make sure the motivation is consistent with the character and plot situation for a satisfying and fulfilling conclusion to your mystery.

Progress: Writing Secrets & Scents... 

  • Introduction – Part 1: Launching a New Series 
  • Introduction – Part 2: The Missing Novel 
  • Day 1 - 3100 (Chps 1 & 2) - Total: 3,100 words 
  • Day 2 - 3300 (Chps 3 & 4) - Total: 6,400 words
  • Day 3 - 3150 (Chps 5 & 6) - Total: 9,550 words
  • Day 4 - 3100 (Chps 7 & 8) - Total: 12,650 words
  • Day 5 - 1550 (Chpt 9) - Total: 14,200 words
  • Day 6 - 3050 (Chps 10 & 11) - Total: 17,250 words
  • Day 7 - 1650 (Chpt 12) - Total: 18,900 words
  • Day 8 - 1500 (Chpt 13) - Total: 20,400 words
  • Day 9 - 1600 (Chpt 14) - Total: 22,000 words
  • Day 10 - 1550 (Chpt 17) - Total: 23,550 words
  • Day 11 - 1550 (Chpt 15) - Total: 25,100 words
  • Days 12/13 - 1600 (Chpt 16) - 26,700 words
  • Day 14 - 1600 (Chpt 19) - Total: 28,300 words
  • Day 15 - 1550 (add to Ch 17/18) - 29,850 words
  • Days 16/17 - 1550 (Chpt 20) - Total: 31,500

Secrets & Scents
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